DVD DISC Including all graphics of the original album. Will fill computer screen for reading as originally intended. Pricing: $14.99 each plus shipping Shipping: $4.00 each, $2.00 additional Media Mail - U.S.P.S.
What    you    see,    though    printed    and    pressed    in    the seventies,   is   NEW.   The   lps   have   never   seen   a   turntable. PD    took    great    pride    in    this    presentation,    and    what you’ll    hear    is    some    of    the    best    talent    available.    It covers   wonderful   memories,   serves   as   history,   and   is   a great   study   in   creative   programming.   This   can   serve   as inspiration   in   idea   advancement.   You   will   find   yourself enthralled    at    what    you    hear,    especially    if    you’re    a student   of   broadcasting.   Remember,   what   is   old   can   be new. Think about that for a moment.