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Availability: 2 Size: 8-¾” Diameter x 1-1/8” Deep Pricing: $21.00 both bowls Shipping: $8.50 Priority Mail Insured
Are   you   missing   any   of   these?   We   have   three   pasta/salad/soup   dishes   for   your collection.   These   are   in   like-new   shape.   Pagnossin   Ironstone,   Made   in   Italy,   ID 12   Treviso.   These   are   decorated   underglaze,   microwave   safe   and   dishwasher proof.   One   of   the   bowls   has   some   crazing   and   we'll   throw   that   one   in   for   free   to the   first   buyer.   Photo   shows   three   but   we   are   selling   two   of   them   separately and   the   third   one   will   be   the   bonus   to   the   first   buyer...who   will   be   quite   happy because the crazing is slight. These can be yours right now
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