The   Battle   of   Britain,   a   tragic   hard   fought   time   for   people   of   the   UK.   This   is   a brilliant   game   for   those   folks   who   love   to   fly   in   their   mind's   eye,   and   are   true history   buffs.   You   may   fly   in   the   actual   constructed   battles   of   the   time.   There   are seventy    one    aircraft    simulations,    twelve    campaign    simulations    based    on    the actualities   of   1940   ocurrences.   You   can   fly   as   Allied   or   Axis   with   three   levels   of expertise   available.   There's   much   more   to   this   than   one   might   imagine,   sucking you   right   on   in   to   what   was   happening   in   history.   Disc   is   in   top   condition,   start-up booklet   available.   I   personally   have   Win10/64   and   find   that   the   disc   has   to   be   in   the PC   to   play,   but   should   be   installed   fine   on   older   operating   systems.   Questions,   just contact us.
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