Welcome   to   The   Eclectic   Arbor,   the   gateway   through   which   you   will enter   into   a   “Virtual   Garden   of   Plenty.”   Grab   a   cup   of   coffee,   relax and    enjoy    browsing    through    each    gate.    We    are    always    on    the lookout   for   more   “eclectic   treasures,”   so   you   never   know   what   you might   find   and   when.   As   you   browse   it   is   only   the   beginning.   There are   many,   many   pieces   of   jewelry   to   add   to   the   mix,   and   we’re acquiring   more   continually.   There   will   be   old,   new,   costume   and everything    in    between.    The    main    thrust    will    be    the    hand    made “Wearable   Art,”   strictly   one-of-a-kind,   and   not   to   be   found   anywhere else    on    the    planet.    New,    exciting,    eclectic    items    will    be    added constantly,   some   rare   and   hard   to   find...you   know,   like   that   really weird   orange   swan   you   remember   as   a   teen   in   your   friends   living room. We think “out of the box,” and if you do you’re gonna’ like us.   It   is   my   fervent   hope   that   you   are   blessed   and   will   find   a   good measure   of   pleasure   during   your   visit.   And   please,   mark   us   as   a favorite in your browser. We   began   with   china   and   pottery   when   opening   our   first   eBay   store in   1997.   But   as   time   passed,   including   some   serious   family   health issues,   and   not   to   mention   the   change   in   the   economy,   I   found   a new    niche’,    selling    most    of    the    china    and    pottery.    The    journey began   acquiring   estate   jewelry,   funky   jewelry,   weird   and   oft   times ugly   jewelry   (ugly   to   one   is   beauty   to   another,   or   so   I’ve   been   told). My   passion   is   designing   and   creating   “Wearable   Art,”   unique   one-of- a-kind   jewelry   that   you   will   find   beautiful   and   different   than   things I’ve seen in the market, designed for those of discriminating taste . If   you   have   questions,   or   are   looking   for   something   special   you’ve been   trying   to   find   and   haven’t   please   email   me.   We   are   hunters   of the   eclectic.   I   will   be   happy   to   search   for   it   in   my   travels,   at   no additional    charge    of    course.    An    informed    customer    is    a    happy customer,   and   “Happy   Happy   Happy”   is   our   goal   in   life   (Thank   you Sy). I’m always reachable via Email: Admin-Sales@eclecticarbor.com Phone: 615-473-1445 Please leave a message and I’ll get back with you ASAP With kindest regards, BonnieB PS:   We   maintain   a   100%   positive   feedback   at   eBay   attesting   to   our quality,                             dependability    and    fair    dealing    with    customers.    You    are important.     
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